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Spiru Haret University
Address : 13 Ion Ghica Str., District 3, Bucharest,Zip code: 030045
Phone : (004021) 455.1000; 314.00.75; 314.00.76



On 19 January 1991, on the initiative of Professor Aurelian Gh. Bondrea, PhD., came into being the FUNDAŢIA ROMÂNIA DE MÂINE (ROMÂNIA DE MÂINE Foundation) – an autonomous institution of culture, science and education, having no political or patrimony purposes (non-profit) – and whose president was elected by the Constitutive General Assembly of the founding members.

The Court of Law of District 1, Bucharest, admitted under Decree in Civil Matters 109 on12 February 1991 the application for registration filed by the ROMÂNIA DE MÂINE Foundation at the Registrar of Companies and Foundations, thus becoming a legal person of private law.

In compliance with the stipulations of art . 7 of the Statutes of the România de Mâine Foundation, approved by the Constitutive General Assembly, the intended purpose and the objectives are attained by its relevant institutions, which provide and develop, within legal limits, activities in the line of education, science and culture.  Having as a model the Harvard Foundation and University, Professor Aurelian Gh. Bondrea, PhD, the President of the România de Mâine Foundation, has initiated, organized and coordinated Spiru Haret University, in the spirit of Spiru Haret, the great scholar, reformer and founder of the modern education system in Romania.

The Act nr. 443 of July 5, 2002, published in the Official Gazette of Romania nr. 491 on July 9, 2002, ratified the fact that Spiru Haret University, upon accreditation, is a ‘higher education institution, a legal person of private law and public utility, a part of the national system of education’.

Spiru Haret University has adopted the ideals and principles set forth by the Magna Charta Universitatum, ratified in Bologna in 1988, advocating for the transposition, in higher education and scientific research, of the regulations, standards and values voted during the Bologna Process.  The University President and Rector signed the Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna in 2005 and pledged, in the name of University, to observe and promote the academic autonomy, the fundamental university values and rights, to effectively react to the challenges entailed by the transition to the knowledge-based society, by the globalization process

The efforts constantly made by Spiru Haret University in order to secure its integration into the national and European area of scientific research have been steered to building its own strategy of research-development.  All of these clearly mirror the present circumstances and define the set of strategic and specific goals of the research-development area, of designing the research-development plan and setting the instruments that are required for its achievement.

The University has always carried out various activities to promote its image, to make its performance more visible. The list of such activities includes, but it is not limited to, participation in important national and international events, establishing partnerships, agreements, relations of cooperation in various areas.  The above-described brilliantly prove the wide openness of Spiru Haret University to the world, its desire to cooperate at various levels, in the European and international sphere of education and research.  Likewise, it represents the expression of the prestige already acquired by our institution, an indisputable proof of its mission of promoting the values of Romanian education, science and culture worldwide.

International cooperation

Spiru Haret University is a member of European and international organizations:

  • Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN)
  • European Association for ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC) – 2011
  • European Association of Career Guidance (EACG) - 2011
  • Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU) – 2009
  • European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE)- 2008
  • International Association of Universities (IAU)-2008
  • Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) - 2006
  • European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS)- 2006
  • Magna Charta Observatory- 2005
  • Magna Charta Universitatum, Bologna, Signatory party - 2005
  • European University Association (EUA) – Associate Member- 2005
  • Balkan Forum for Communication- Founding Member - 2005
  • Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM), Tennessee - 1993

Inter-university agreements : 48
Erasmus bilateral agreements in 2008-2010: 45 agreements;
Erasmus study mobility between 2008-2010: 56 students
Outgoing teaching Erasmus mobility between 2008-2010 :15 teaching staff members

Scientific research

Projects for financing derived from structural funds:

• 9 projects to the amount of 90,178,839 lei

Research projects:

• 5 GRANT-CNCSIS projects, to the amount of 3,100,260 lei

• 16 research and scientific consultancy projects with the business environment, to the amount of 1,079,760 lei

• 2 research contracts from Spiru Haret University own funds, to the amount of 350,000lei

Rectors of the University (from 1991 to the present):

-2018 - present Prof. Maria Andronie, Ph.D

-2010 - 2018 Assoc. Prof. Aurelian A.Bondrea, Ph.D

-1997 - 2010 Prof. Aurelian Gh.Bondrea, PhD

-1994 - 1997 Prof. Ion Coteanu, PhD

-1993 - 1994   Prof. Grigore Posea, PhD

-1992 - 1993   Prof. Vasile Catuneanu, Eng, PhD.

-1991 - 1992 Acad. Prof. Nicolae Teodorescu, PhD.

Doctor Honoris Causa Awards

2012 - Professor Ding Chao – Professor at the University of Foreign Languages, Beijing.

2010 - Richard England, Arhitect, Academician

2003 - Pope John Paul II

2002 - Ion Iliescu, President of Romania

1999 - Professor Paul Feher – Romanian jurist, professor at the University of Paris, University of Jerusalem

1997 - Professor Nicolae Mateescu-Matte – Romanian jurist, professor at the University of Montreal, University of Paris

1995 - Professor Roland Drago – French jurist